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What's new?

  • Nice Admin UI
  • Hierachical Faceting
  • New Spellchecker
  • Solr Cloud
  • Joins
  • Regexes
  • Realtime updates
  • Updatable documents

Nice Admin UI

Smelly old one

Shiny new one

Hierachical Faceting
aka Pivot Facets

Tells you what the result-set will be if you selet the facet

Another way to think of it is each field is treated as a vector containing the constraint counts for that field, and taking a "cross product" to produce an N-dimensional matrix showing the counts for each permutation.

Add facet.pivot = category_level0,category_level1,category_level2 to your query

<result numFound=”3” ...
<lst name=”facet_pivot”>
  <arr name=”category_level0,category_level1,category_level2”>
      <str name=”field”>category_level0</str>
      <str name=”value”>NonFic</str>
      <int name=”count”>3</int>
       <arr name=”pivot”>
             <str name=”field”>category_level1</str>
             <str name=”value”>Law</str>
             <int name=”count”>1</int>
             <str name=”field”>category_level1</str>
             <str name=”value”>Sci</str>
             <int name=”count”>2</int>
             <arr name=”pivot”>
                  <str name=”field”>category_level2</str>
                  <str name=”value”>Phys</str>
                  <int name=”count”>1</int>

New Spellchequer

  • Doesn't require it's own index!
  • No need to rebuild spelling index
  • Minimal config changes

Solr Cloud

  • Distributed, fault-tolerant solr clustering
  • Uses Apache Zookeeper for config management
  • Manages Sharding and Replication

Solr Cloud



&q={!join from=inner_id to=outer_id}field:value

Comparable to an SQL IN subquery-query-query

SELECT xxx, yyy 
FROM collection1
WHERE outher_id IN (SELECT inner_id FROM collection1 where zzz = "value")

e.g. Articles with images in Journals

Regexes in queries!

Cut down regex model, e.g


Realtime updates

You can ask solr to give you pre-committed data

Updatable Documents

You can add/subtract and replace individual fields in documents

Requires ALL fields to be "stored" type

More info